MBCT is a model of Therapy that combines CBT and Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the quality of being aware of our experience: thoughts, feelings and body sensations while allowing them to be there and accepting them rather than resisting them or trying to change them.

To be Mindful we make the decision to take a step back from our experience and the frequent state of ‘auto pilot’ we are in and we become and impartial observer. We can then notice what’s happening in our body and mind without entering a battle to change our experience. By giving up this battle and accepting what is happening in this moment we free up a lot of energy and increase our feelings of inner peace. We become less impulsively reactive and are able to respond skilfully to situations.

It is evidence based and was originally created to be a relapse – prevention treatment for individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD). Since it was first developed it has rapidly grown and there is now evidence that it can be extremely helpful as a tool to manage all difficult emotions. Through MBCT we can learn to disengage from self-criticism, rumination and worry which will have a positive impact on well being.

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